We are regularly doing product development projects in the automotive. Using the most up to date technologies and materials, Just3d provides functional automotive prototyping from automotive trim to under-bonnet components.

We have extensive experience in the use of both SLS and SLA, and can create parts for testing with the minimum of lead time and cost.

By building durable concept models, prototypes, tooling and low-volume end-use parts in-house, automotive engineers and designers can work more iteratively, test more thoroughly and move confidently into production.

Case Studies:

Lightweight grip system with integrated functionality:


The customer is manufacturer of robots and automation system. Gripper is used to raise, transport and then sets down the machine parts from a production machine to by pneumatic controls. The requirement was to make gripper lighter than its existing one and able to carry the loads.

The previous version of gripper was made of aluminium, rubber tubes and have multiple connections. Gripper was redesigned and made as single piece


By analysing the functional parameters we reduce the parts into two components.

And after completion of design production started using EOS additive manufacturing machines. In just few time the part was ready the ducts and connector are fully integrated in the base plate. In single step we will be able to produce a functional parts with integrated assemblies and in more cost effective process.


  • Weight reduced to 86% results in better efficiency.
  • Manufacturing cost has been reduced to 50%.
  • Operating cost has been reduced since the new design can run on small systems.